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Quiz Money Game is a Reward-Learning Game where players learn by answering quiz questions online and win cash prices for answering each question correctly.

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Youtube Game Play

Every week we upload one youtube video on our Youtube Channel. Watch video, and then answer quetions on our website or mobile app to qualify to win big!

Youtube Game Play cost N500 for every game attempt and you can win up to N500,000 cash prize

You can access all your gaming activities on all your devices. You only need to login with your credentials and continue.

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A free gaming app for Quiz Money Game is available on Apple app store and Google Play store, download app and play on mobile.

What do you want to play?

  • Q/A Game

  • N100
  • win up N10,000

  • N10/correct answers

  • Unlimited Wining Chances

  • YouTube Game

  • N500
  • Win Big Instantly

  • Watch our Youtube videos

  • Answer Questions Weekly

  • TV Game Show

  • N1000
  • Get a chance to play on TV

  • Play to Win N500,000

  • Play with just N1,000



Quiz Money Game is mobile friendly, you can play on mobile and enjoy the portability of our system as you enjoy the reward on your game play


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How to play

Carefully follow the instructions below to understand the process


Login As Player

You must be LOGGED IN to play games on our platforms. You can LOGIN with Facebook OR Google.

Fund Account

Click on FUND ACCOUNT on your dashboard menu to ADD MONEY to your account.

Submit Answers

The Question and Answers Games allows you earn money for each correct answer you provide.

Submit Questions

You can also UPLOAD YOUR OWN QUESTION to our question bank on Quiz Money Game platform.

Social Login

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Claim your rewards

After successful game play, you can REQUEST that your reward be sent to your account.

App features

Support 24/7

We have dedicated support team to handle your request and respond to your complaints. Email Support

User Friendly

Quiz Money Game interface is easy to use. You will not need any tutorial in order to get started. Just LOGIN and start

Push Notifications

App works with push notification, our mobile app tells you what do once installed on your mobile phone.

Social Sharing

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Your location does not matter, play on the web or on mobile 24/7 and keep winning.We are available WorldWide

Cost Control

We try to make users pay less and win big! You can play with as little as N100 and win big on your first play!

About Quiz Money Game

Quiz Money Game is a Reward-Learning Game where players learn by answering
quiz questions online and win cash prices for answering each question correctly. Each game cost N100 to
play where players must fund their account before they can play the game.


Have fun with Quiz Money Games. All our games will surely make you have fun using your phone or computer.


Learn by playing. Quiz Money games are educating and informative, whether you win or not, you will surely learn new things.


Let your hardwork pay. Turn your knowledge base to great rewards. Play for fun and for cash. Play the Quiz Money Games

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