About Quiz Money Game

Quiz Money Game is a community development TV game show that aims to reward 7 lucky winners with cash prices where we come together to provide solutions to various problems in the society.

The 7 problems we aim to tackle in season 1 of Quiz Money Game show are:

  • DRUG ABUSE treatment and prevention in our society.
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and management.
  • CANCER awareness and management techniques.
  • PLANTING TREES to protect Mother Nature.
  • PROVIDE EDUCATION for those who can’t afford it.
  • PROVIDE WATER IN RURAL AREAS BY building boreholes.

Therefore, to become one of the 7 ambassadors of Quiz Money Game show who would unite in becoming solution providers as well as win the cash price of up to N500,000 each, click here to register and answer the 20 audition test questions and submit where you qualify if you score 15/20 and above.